“I reinvented the past to see the beauty of future,
L. Aragon”

Daniele Ciarlo was born in Melbourne in 1972 and currently lives and works in Italy.

A Visual Artist, he focuses on Web Design, Photography and Painting.

With a visionary and existentialist mood, he expresses himself through an evocative and essential language.

Daniele Ciarlo is a photographer who specializes in female portraits by creating symbolic and visionary images, influenced by cinema, literature and philosophy.

Underlying themes of his various subjects include the renewed life and the relationship between the past and the future

His technique includes painting, sculpture and graphic influences. Although different, these disciplines are complementary and can coexist in the same aesthetics

His work of arts are personal and methodical; respectful of tradition but open to innovations.

The artist is exhibited in many Italian and foreign cities, always gaining critical and public acclaim.

(E. Nunziato)